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Bellfor - high quality grain-free dry and wet food, snacks and natural supplements for dogs made with love, like homemade

Bellfor: what we stand for and what animal welfare dog food means to us

Bellfor is a family business with about 25 years of experience with processing dog food. We are convinced that every pet deserves to get only high-quality, natural and appropriate dog food. Man’s best friend shall not only have enough to eat but also be healthy, vital and above all, happy. That’s why we put great emphasis on home-made wholesome grain-free dry dog food. For us, this includes only natural ingredients. Dogs are semi-carnivores and therefore our Bellfor dog food contains around 70% meat or fish.

We do not use meat from factory farming but meat with food quality from regional long-term partners. Our grain-free dry dog food contains plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and valuable herbs largely from our region.

Natural and local ingredients

The Bellfor brand has stood for species-appropriate dog food that not only tastes good for dogs, but is also good for them. Bellfor food is free of artificial additives and instead contains a particularly large amount of food-grade meat and fish.

Selected meat, freshly-picked vegetables and natural ingredients make our Münsterländer Landschmaus so delicious, valuable and easily digestible. All our ingredients are purchased exclusively from GMP certified and regional feed suppliers. We can thus guarantee the promised quality and the reliable production of our dog food.

Bellfor insect-based dog food - future-oriented protein source for the healthy dog of today!

Bellfor offers three varieties of insect-based dog food and soft-snacks.This not only protects the environment, but will surely delight your dog.

In 2016, Bellfor was also the first company in Europe to launch insect-based dog food on the market. Since then, our innovative products with insect protein have convinced countless customers in many countries. We are therefore sure that your dog will be delighted too.

Insect based dog food as a saving set for dogs in every size:

Thanks to the complex amino acid structure as well as the excellent digestibility of insect protein, your dog will benefit from feeding your dog with Bellfor insect-based dog food in many ways.

  • Hypoallergenic protein for dogs with feed allergies
  • Well tolerated by dogs with digestive problems
  • Improved skin and coat health
  • Effective support for the immune system

The best way to convince yourself!

Especially careful processing

Ensures that all important natural vitamins and minerals are preserved. The result is a highly digestible grain-free dry dog food, perfectly suitable for true nature dogs and food sensitive dogs. Bellfor offers dog food from various types of processes:

Characteristics of Bellfor grain-free dry dog food at a glance:

  • Regional raw materials
  • No meat from factory farms
  • Complete renunciation of animal testing
  • Very high meat & fish content of 70%
  • Grain-free dry dog food
  • Protein sources with very low allergy potential
  • Meat and fish from controlled conditions in food quality
  • Freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, mostly from the region
  • Balanced mix of valuable medicinal herbs
  • No soy and sugar
  • Ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids
  • No synthetic colourings, preservatives and flavourings
  • The right food for all breeds
  • Very tasty and easy to digest
  • 100 days trial period

Grain-free dry dog food - just one trend?

Food intolerance and food allergies in dogs are on the increase. In the past, grain was a main component of dry food.

An increasing number of dogs suffered from allergies with the result that more frequent visits to the vet were necessary. This is where Bellfor grain-free dry dog food offers more than an alternative. It is the healthy, species-appropriate diet.

100 Day Trial Period

If you are not satisfied with our Bellfor products for some reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee in the first 100 days of the purchase.

High-quality grain-free dry dog food

Bellfor consistently refrains from any animal testing.

All Bellfor products are developed in close cooperation with breeders and nutrition experts.

Order Bellfor safely in our online shop and have it delivered quickly to your home.

  • cereal-free dog food;
  • cereal-free dog food - cold-pressed;
  • healthy snacks and biscuits - grain-free;
  • sensible food supplements;
  • gluten-free dog food.